02 March 2009

Maintaining Optimism in Uncertain Times

I hope the title doesn't mislead you--I have not found the path to the fountain of optimism. On the contrary, I'm wondering what people do, what can I do, to maintain a cheerful attitude in these strange and uncertain times?

I think there are some folks who thrive on a bit of uncertainty. They see a wide open future with the opportunity to take risks and chances they never would have before and reap the benefits. I think there are others who always manage to get by. Those who are like cats, landing on all fours no matter how high the drop or how long the fall.

I don't think I'm either of those people. And maybe I'm overestimating the number of folks like that who exist. But what I have to believe is that there are people out there who have learned how to lessen their anxiety despite the economic and social rollercoaster we've been forced to ride these past months.

I am in constant fear of losing my job, of not being able to pay my bills, of having no means to support myself. I know there are others like me. So, what do these others do?

Honestly, I'm asking. At this point, I'll take just about any advice anyone decides to throw my way. And yes, I do already know all the cliches (what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, God only gives you what you can handle, leap and the net will appear ...), I could go on and on. But does anyone have any concrete solutions? Things they've tried that have worked?

If so, please leave a comment, if only to give me a little hope. Lately, the glass has been half-empty.

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