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Most Recent Work 

Updated - 11/12/14
I have been writing freelance articles on a variety of small business topics for the past year for Intuit and DocStoc. Please click here and here for access to all of my articles.

Updated - 3/3/13
In my time with the Orlando Sentinel Media Group, I've had the opportunity to do a wide variety of work in many different fields and topics and I am very proud of what I've accomplished so far. I have updated my different portfolio pages to include a sampling of this work.

I also created a board at Pinterest to highlight the visual pieces I've designed.

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Presentation and Design Examples  

Examples from Orlando Sentinel Media Group, including a video highlighting my work so far

Copywriting Examples

Press Release Writing - 3 Examples

Stay tuned for updates.

Writing Samples

Updated: 3/3/13 - I started writing episode reviews of the new show Revolution in Fall 2012, as well as reviews of fantasy and science-fiction books or anything else decidedly nerdy that strikes my fancy. - I've been known to write episode reviews for this site (an homage to all things Joss Whedon). In the Spring, I wrote reviews for the last ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica and the premiere episodes of Castle.

Newspaper Credits

When I moved out to Los Angeles and began at 'SC, I wanted to get some writing credits under my belt, so I applied for an op-ed position with The Daily Trojan. I only wrote a handful of pieces, but I thought I'd include them here. Keep in mind, they're only my opinion and skew a little toward the left. (Unfortunately, USC only archives Op-Ed pieces for about two years, so my columns aren't on the site anymore. I will try to find some hard copies and put them on a different page.)

The USF Oracle - 2002-2003

As I mentioned, I started writing for my undergrad newspaper, The Oracle. I was given the opportunity to write more than Op-Eds there and even got to write theater reviews, and the occasional news story.

The Oracle - Midnight Showing of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
The Oracle - Traveling Through New York City
The Oracle - Concert Review: Elton John and Billy Joel
The Oracle - Feature Article - Cirque du Soleil: Quidam
The Oracle - Theater Review: Quidam
The Oracle - Op-Ed March 2003
The Oracle - Column: Post-Graduation Ennui