07 August 2007


I'm fairly certain that anyone who knows me at all would tell you that I don't normally have a problem expressing my opinion. In fact, my family and friends would probably tell you that if anything I have some pretty stalwart opinions and as such, speak my mind on a regular basis.

And yet, when faced with the idea of writing a blog, where the only thing that makes any difference is said opinion, I find myself at a loss ... strange that, don't you think?

What should I discuss? The sad state of our country's government? The brilliance of Joss Whedon? The undeniable obsession I have for "Star Wars" and just about anything sci-fi? How close I am to my parents and family? How much I miss upstate New York, my hometown? The fact that I'm very bad at keeping in touch with people, but think about them all the time? How much I dislike my job (or rather, how bored I am)?

There seems to be an endless stream of topics and yet, I cannot pick one. It's as if the pressure to write something profound prevents the actual writing of it ...

As a writer, this is something I've struggled with before. The idea that everytime you pick up your pen or sit down at your keyboard, the words that flow through your fingertips must be profound - the next great American novel - a thought process which stymies any and all creativity. I know it's not as stressful as all that - let's be realistic - but still, it's hard to manage your expectations.

So maybe I'll leave it like this: I'm not sure what I want this blog to be, or even who I want to read it. It will be a place for me to wax poetic and rant about the state of the world. A place where I will more than likely expound upon the wonder of really great sci-fi (the new Battlestar Galactica anyone?) and the brilliance of auteurs like Joss Whedon, George Lucas and Walt Disney. It won't always be interesting nor profound, but it will be from my point of view.

Hopefully, that'll be enough to keep someone's attention.

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